What is a Reluctant Matron?

I once was a driven, successful career girl.  A partying, traveling, adventure-addict who couldn’t stay put for more than 6 months at a time. And then my boyfriend gave me an ultimatum.  I am now married to that gentleman, I had his baby…and I am currently classified as a “housewife”.

There are a lot of women out there who were plopped into the suburbs abruptly, before they even knew what happened to them.  They refuse to join a book club solely for the purpose of sipping cheap pinot noir and reading badly-written pop fiction.  They are turned off by overprotective, hyper competitive parenting.  They resist the tyranny of Ugg boots and pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuits on the weekends!

This blog is for you, Matrons. Those of you who have reluctantly relinquished your independence and became little lambs amongst minivan driving, latte-swilling, hair-highlighted she wolves…you are not alone.



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