Storm-proof your fridge (and stockpile batteries and wine)

We have a big windstorm rolling in tonight and although we rarely lose power any more it doesn’t hurt to do a little prep ahead of time: wash and dry laundry, make sure dishes are clean, charge all of the chargy thingies with batteries, stockpile flashlights, candles, and wine.  Oh, and prep the fridge.

Everyone likes snuggles, even dairy products.

I like to take potential power outages as a nice opportunity to defrost a chicken for the soup pot when the power returns. I double bag a chicken (or pot roast, or something that takes at least 2 or 3 days to defrost), sometimes even wrap it in a towel to hold in the cold, and then snuggle all of my extremely perishables around it.  General rule of thumb: the warmest part of the fridge is at the top and the coolest is at the bottom, so move anything that could spoil to the bottom shelf. Same goes for your freezer: keep all of your frozen items close to each other, and if you’re really prepared you can freeze some water bottles a day in advance to help everything stay cold. It may be necessary, in the event of an emergency, to eat all of the ice cream. Be prepared.





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