Fast, fresh, healthy: Kale and parsley salad

Parsley in a non-garnish setting
Parsley in a non-garnish setting

Were you repulsed by the word “kale” or by the word “parsley” in that title? For me it was parsley, or rather, I don’t now how I ended up home from the grocery store with a huge bunch of hearty parsley, but when I realized what I had done I was annoyed.  Parsley, after all, is just a cheap garnish that holds up better than lettuce and is usually favored by low-priced casual dining establishments to attempt to trick customers into thinking that the hamburger with sweet potato fries that they ordered is healthy.

As it turns out, parsley is not that bad, even as a dominant flavor. I present to you, with no units of measurement included, a quick salad that is filling enough to stand on its own as a meal and packed with vitamins and cruciferous goodness.

Kale. I used Red Russian kale.  I wouldn’t suggest any kind of flat leaf kale for this recipe.  Always buy your kale organic and wash it very well before eating.
Roma tomatoes.  Or hothouse.  Or cherry.
Scallions.  I used 3 scallions for 1 bunch of kale.
Parsley.  Fresh and perky, not wilted parsley. Give yourself at least 1/2 cup of tips.
Extra virgin olive oil, the fruitier the better
Juice from 1 lemon.  Bottled lemon juice will also work, but fresh is tastier
Salt and pepper to taste

Wash and dry the kale, removing the tough inner stem.  Cut into very small pieces or shred.  Toss into a large salad bowl.  Pinch off the tips of several parsley stems until you have at least 1/2 cup of tips and put in the bowl. Dice the tomatoes and scallions.  Add to bowl, then drizzle with olive oil and lemon juice.  Salt and pepper to taste.  When it comes to the oil/acid on salads I like to use a 2:1 ratio of oil to acid.  You may have to experiment to find out what you prefer.


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