Toddler lesson of the day: toddlers NEVER sleep in!

Except when they do. Right now Small Boy is asleep at 9:45 a.m. He is still alive and breathing, and doesn’t have a fever (Huzzybee and I both checked), he’s just sleeping in…on a Tuesday…which means that I got to sleep in on a Tuesday! This much needed gift from the Universe came just as I was beginning to despair. Small Boy hasn’t taken a nap for two days in a row, wasn’t falling asleep until an hour after his bed time and was waking up at 6 in the morning. While he careened around the house, tearing books from shelves, cans from the pantry, curtains from the window, etc I shuffled after him, cleaning up the carnage under my own little gray raincloud.  I’ve been fantasizing about him pouring himself a bowl of cereal and settling down to watch cartoons on his own. Someday that beautiful dream will come true, if we ever ate cereal, and if we had a functioning TV that could receive a signal.  We have none of these things.

With my few precious moments of free and quiet time I am making lists of things that I need to do today and drinking strong coffee.  Jean-Baptiste, my long-suffering and cowardly tabby cat is purring with pure joy because, for now, HE gets to be “the baby”.  And I am writing to you, Reluctant Matrons, because you probably know how rare it is that a toddler sleeps in on a Tuesday.  May you also be blessed with unexpected small gifts like this from time to time!


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