Toddler lesson of the day: dirty toddlers are magnetically attracted to laundry

Normally, my son is completely uninterested in the basket of warm, fresh-smelling laundry that is ever present in our living room. Unless, of course, he has just finished an invigorating morning of digging in the dirt and shoving little fistfuls of sand and gravel into his diaper. Then he finds himself attracted to my basket of clean sheets like yellow jacket at a hot dog eating contest. At this stage in life (15 months old) he is learning to throw a ball and say “no!” and I am learning not to expect my sheets to stay white or any other part of my house to stay clean. After his excavation of the garden this morning I found fat little dusty footprints trailing my clean floor and when I removed him from his crib after nap time I noticed it was littered with sticks and sand.  From now on, not only will I keep the laundry out of his reach but I’ll save digging time until just before bath time, which, after bed time will be followed with mommy’s cocktail time.


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