Meteors are hitting the earth. Can’t we all just get along?

Giant space thing.  Mind = blown.
Giant space thing. Mind = blown.

This morning, Huzzybee woke me up with the words “Honey, a meteor just hit Russia”.

“Was anyone killed?”  I slurred back.
“Nope, not so far.”
“Is there a dust cloud?” Was my next inexplicable half-awake question, although I assume that I asked this because I wanted to know if we would die like the dinosaurs, thus paving the way for dolphins to become the next dominant species on the planet.
“No dust cloud”.
“Mmmph…did you start the coffee pot?”

A lot of people are feeling apocalyptic right now, and so am I, but it is an apocalypse of a different nature: Poopocalypse 2013!  Søren blasted through his diaper this morning like a shuttle taking off for the moon.  I was covered in poo up to my elbows.  Søren got it on his chin.  We were both traumatized.  Then after I changed his diaper he put on his afterburners and blew through a second diaper and a second pair of pants.  Once again, I was in poo up to my elbows, and this time he went straight into the bathtub.

While he splashed and crawled around the bathtub with his rubber octopus dangling from his mouth like a puppy I ruminated on the day.  Broadcast news seemed mostly concerned with a bunch of stranded cruise ship passengers.  Really?  A cruise ship can lose power and descend into chaos any day – this is a giant space thing hitting earth…from outer space! And it was caught on camera for the world to see!  Neil deGrasse Tyson is obviously jumping out of his boots with excitement and so am I.

Every human on earth who heard about or saw footage of this meteor for at least a moment, had a shared thought with every other human on earth: we are so vulnerable, and the universe is so big.  What a breathtaking reminder this day has been that our little spinning blue ball constantly balances on a wire between cosmic catastrophe and meteor mayhem beyond our control.  Why then do we spend so much time here on terra firma trying to make each other miserable?  Today could be any other day on earth, when prisoners are tortured, or nuclear weapons are perfected, or loved ones are murdered…or it could be the day that nations, continents, and religions decide to work together to protect our fragile, precious planet…namely with an early warning system so that more meteors don’t hit New York or Bangkok or London and kill millions of people.

Ugh, I hate preaching, but I love being amazed.  This evening, as I left the house and walked to the garage to get into my car I stopped and stared up at a clear, navy blue sky with cold white stars, and for the first time so many years, I was amazed.


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