Ranting blog posts vs. holding my temper. Also a tough choice.

I glanced over my ranting, raging, poorly written post from yesterday.  Another night of no sleep has calmed my anger a bit because now I am too tired to care much.

After much struggle, baby’s fever broke at 5 a.m., which was a relief, but it was quickly replaced by a deep, chesty, barking cough.  Recalling something that my husband’s grandmother told me, I tucked Søren into a fleece onesie, a quilted bunting, a cloth hat, and two crochet blankets. I opened the windows in his room and let the fresh, rainy Washington air fill his room.  Then I settled down on the floor in a sleeping bag and waited.  Slowly, his raggedy mouth breathing became quieter.  Soon he was breathing through his nose again and using his pacifier. I listened to him breathe until it became regular and unlabored.  At 7 a.m. I removed the hat and blankets, unbuttoned the bunting, closed the window, turned on the heater, and fell asleep for 2 hours.


It provided some temporary relief for him at least.  Tomorrow we go back to the doctor.

Note: I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice.  I ran this idea past my son’s doctor earlier in the day and he suggested I give it a try.  Consult your child’s doctor before attempting any method or medication to ease the discomfort of a cold.




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