Toned arms vs. personal responsibility. Apparently it’s a tough choice.

To the selfish cow who put her sick daughter in the daycare at the gym on Friday;

I’m listening to my little boy struggle to breathe over the baby monitor and I am thinking of you.  How was your workout?  Was it a relief to get away from your sneezing, coughing daughter for a little “me time”?  I noticed her when I went to pick up my son.  She was busy smearing green snot all over the tummy time mat and sneezing on the other children.  If I had seen her spreading plague all over the under 12 month old room I would not have dropped my son off, but you were sneaky and brought her in after Søren had already been dropped off.

And now my son has a fever.  He hasn’t slept since the day before yesterday, and he hasn’t eaten more than one bottle all day, because he can’t breathe out of his nose.  He spent an hour sobbing in my arms, exhausted, he endured an hour wait at the doctor’s office, and now he is rolling around in bed, tormented with fever chills.  My nerves are shot, but your must be calm, since you have lots of time to work out, apparently.  I have very little time for exercise these days, because I have a job, and because when my son is sick I keep him home so he doesn’t infect an entire community of small children.

So here’s to you, and your little Typhoid Mary.  Happy infecting.

– A very angry Reluctant Matron and a very sick little boy


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