Sheets and sheets of rain and gloom

For the first time in months I am writing here.  I’ve been absent, not because I am too busy to write, or too tired.  Well, I have been those things, but really the reason is lack of motivation.  For some reason, although I am usually pretty energetic at this time of year, I find myself dragging.  It could be the gray sheets of rain that are falling outside, the unfolded sheets in the laundry basket, or the spreadsheets requiring my attention in my laptop.  I just can’t break out of this fog of unmotivated gloom.

Søren, for his part, is enjoying life immensely.  At 7-months old he spends his days happily learning how to be human.  He regales me with long-winded stories babbled out between spoonfulls of mashed banana and pureed spinach.  He careens around the house in his walker, crashing into walls and chasing my long-suffering cat.  He reads his cardboard books upside down and chews on the edges.  He drools copiously and wiggles with enthusiasm.

Somehow I am going to learn how to channel his glee and find joy in everything around me.  Maybe I need to get down on the floor and flail my arms and legs with him or learn a new skill, like how to use my thumb and forefinger.  Maybe I should just aim low, like making good on my promise to not wear sweatpants all day.


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