Good, simple toys for newborns (tested by Søren)

My little fella will be seven weeks old tomorrow, and he is starting to spend time playing by himself which is a great help to me.  Not only can I answer my email, do some writing, and get housework done while he entertains himself, but every day I can see more developmental progress with his motor and mental skills.  He doesn’t have very many toys right now, but these few are his favorites.  Not only are they fascinating to a newborn, they are also not terribly obnoxious to look at/listen to for adults as well.

Art Cards for Baby, by Wee Gallery

Art Cards for Baby - Wee Gallery
Søren likes to talk to his flash cards

Søren loves these cards.  The black and white images are very engaging for newborns, who can easily see and comprehend high-contrast images.  I prop them up in his bassinet and he likes to stare at them, kicking his little legs and cooing to them.  I noticed that he can knock them onto his face with his wildly flailing arms, so it is best to always supervise.

Wooden Baby Gym, by Ikea

Wooden Baby Gym, Ikea

This is apparently part of the Leka collection.  I don’t think Ikea sells it any more, but Søren loves to sit underneath it, and he is just starting to swat at it.  It’s also an attrative enough toy that I don’t feel like I need to put it away whenever someone comes over to visit.

Bestever Lion Baby Mat

Cutest baby mat ever!

It’s plush and cute and keeps his warm when he is laying on the floor.  Not appropriate for tummy time.

Lambs & Ivy Plush Lion


It must be the high-contrast of his cute little lion face – Søren absolutely adores this lion, whom my husband has named Léon.  Can you tell we like lions?


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