Um, I Believe I Was Promised a Baby This Week?

The first thing you do not want to hear coming from your OB during a cervical exam is “wow!” followed up by “the good news is, you’re probably not going to have this baby in the toilet”.


This week, at 36 weeks pregnant, I was finally taken off of nifedipine, the contraction-suppressing medication that I have been on for the past three weeks, and I was also released from bed rest.  In a panic I spent hours researching everything I could about how soon I would go into labor after taking the nifedipine…after all, I had contractions all day, every day while taking it, so I could only assume that they would intensify after the medication leached from my system.  Except that they didn’t.  In fact, they stopped almost completely.  Now I am waiting around, confused.  Thirty-six weeks is still too early to have this baby, but all of the signs pointed to me having a baby by yesterday.  Apparently the prospect of having to quit kicking the tar out of me every day was too upsetting for Sugar Lump and he decided to stay in a little longer.  At the moment he is comfortably curled up on my sciatic nerve, giving me a limp like a movie villain.

To try and ease the sciatic nerve pain, and to regain strength (and to gain the upper hand over my out-of-control weight gain from bed rest) I have been trying to walk every day between our unseasonable March snow showers.  The amount of muscle loss from just a few weeks of bed rest is extremely upsetting.  At 26 weeks pregnant I was walking 8 miles and spending 40 minutes on an elliptical machine on alternating days.  Now, at 36 weeks I can hardly manage to drag myself around one city block.  Twice since being released I have had to turn back after only a half a block – once from dizziness, and the other time because of my ridiculously compressed bladder, which Sugar Lump was gleefully punching.  So much for my grand plans of taking him out jogging this spring – I’ll just be happy if I can hold him for ten minutes without my arms giving out.

But at least I won’t birth him into a toilet.


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