So, So Tired of Being Pregnant…

On Monday, March 19th I will be officially off bed rest, FOREVER.  I’ll be 36 weeks along in my pregnancy, footloose and fancy free!  Oh the walks I have planned for myself…the shopping trips!  I might even be able to write about topics other than bed rest.  Actually, those will not be happening since I am considerably weakened from weeks of being horizontal.  I am allowed to be up and about, walking around my house this week in preparation for my big debut as an independent adult next week.

My mother grudgingly allowed me to test my balancing skills on Tuesday by driving me to Trader Joe’s so I could do some grocery shopping.  I draped myself gracelessly over a shopping cart and pushed it slowly down the aisles, marveling at all the colors, sounds, and faces of strangers.  After about 10 minutes I was exhausted and dizzy.  Next week my doctor wants me to go outside and start taking short walks, but it is clear that I will need a babysitter with me at all times.

I feel immensely tired of being pregnant.  After spending so many weeks trying to keep this baby inside of me via meds, bed rest, and the power of positive thinking, now that I am so close to full term I just want him out.  I used to rub my tummy while he rolled around inside and tell him to stay as long as he wanted…now I look at my alarmingly large bum, rub my beach ball belly and lovingly tell him that I’m not running a fetus hotel.  He responds, in kind, with a long, sharp kick to my ribs.  One thing is for sure, my little boy is getting strong.


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