Entertaining Activities While on House Arrest

It’s not really house arrest, it’s bed rest, but since I can’t leave these 700 square feet that I am confined to there’s little difference, in my mind.  Actually, people on house arrest can at least walk around the house, and I can’t.  What to do when the mere act of getting up to use the loo causes round after round of contractions?  Here are some helpful hints for my other horizontal friends.

Try a new craft or hobby
I am going to try beading (I’ve warned friends and family that tacky, handmade jewelry will be coming their way). I have a little kit that contains pliers, tweezers, wire cutters, etc, and I can order really cool vintage beads and other supplies on Etsy or basic supplies on Amazon.com.  Other bedridden hobbies to try are scrapbooking, drawing, graphic design, journaling, knitting/crocheting, etc.

Take a free class
Depending on how long your bedrest will last, think about taking some online classes.  There are some very good free education programs from various universities and non-profits.  The online classroom du jour is Kham Academy but you can also find some fantastic courses at MITs OpenCourseWare , and Stanford’s Free Webinars just to name a few.  There are hundreds of universities and organizations that offer free classes.  You can also take some time to broaden your mind by watching TED Talks – short presentations on fascinating topics, given by extraordinary people.

Shop until you fall asleep
This doesn’t seem like a good idea, especially if you’re the primary income-earner in your household, however in my case, baby is on his way, and he needs stuff.  I personally feel that most babies come with way too much stuff, but there are some basics that I dont’ have…like bottles.  If you’re like me (pregnant, all of your baby showers were cancelled, and you still don’t have any receiving blankets or a car seat) you can take care of all of these purchases online.  I am singlehandely increasing the stock value at Amazon.com by purchasing everything there, but there are other good sites to get your baby supplies including Target.com, Babiesrus.com (shudder!), Wayfair.com, etc.  We use Amazon almost exclusively because of the free shipping, competitive pricing, and greater selection.

So you need to buy bottles for baby?  Don’t know which ones to get?  You have time to do enough research to write a manual on baby bottles.  Know you want to go on vacation eventually?  Research it!  Interested in learning more about the Einstein’s theory of special relativity?  Research it.

Make a list of all the things you took for granted while you were mobile, and promise to appreciate them next time around
When I was still ambulatory (up until last week) I couldn’t get anyone to go see The Artist with me – after a few pleas send out to friends and my spouse I eventually gave up.  It crossed my mind I should clean my car last week, and now I can’t even drive my car.  I procrastinated when it came to getting my pedicure and now my toenails look like chipped, red talons.  I let all of these things gnaw away at me for the first few days on bed rest, and now I am making a list of things that I could have done before but didn’t, and I am determined to do them once I am free.

Send out handwritten letters to friends and relatives
That is correct, I’m talking about not email.  Not even Twitter.  Not even a text.  Use plain paper, nice cards, or the back of a paper bag if you want, but nothing will give a friend more joy and shock than seeing a hand-addressed letter in the mail. They might be scared at first that it is a wedding or baby shower invitation, but once they open it and see that it is only a congenially written letter it will warm the cockles of their heart.


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