Instantly Brighten a Dark Bathroom

I upgraded to a bathroom with a window

Years ago, when I was remodeling our minuscule condo I stumbled across some fantastic advice.  We had a tiny, dim, windowless bathroom and I cursed the lack of natural light.  The room just always looked depressing no matter what color towels I had or what type of lightbulb I used above the vanity mirror.  What to do?

I read somewhere that keeping fresh flowers in the bathroom is a great substitute for a window.  Certainly it isn’t natural light, but it really does work.  As often as possible I keep flowers, or a bouquet of green leaves in a vase in my bathroom.  Sometimes the cheapest flowers are the best (carnations, mums), because they usually last longer.

Now we live in a slightly larger home (30 extra square feet!) and our bathroom has a window, but it still doesn’t seem right without flowers.  I found two sweet little hand-blown glass vases at Butter Home in the Melrose Market and hung them from hooks on the wall, along with my little Fintorp wall-mounted condiment container from Ikea.  I think the Listerine adds a nice touch, don’t you?

Fresh flowers brighten a small bathroom



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