Five Things I Will Miss About Being Pregnant

Self-Portrait. Taken in my parents' kitchen

The other evening, after watching with great amusement while I grunted and strained to get myself settled into bed (involves copious amounts of pillow arranging, slowly lowering myself onto the mattress, and a 13-point shimmy maneuver to scoot myself into the right position), my husband asked me if there was anything that I would miss about being pregnant.  I resisted the urge to hit him with a pillow – it would involve sitting up, which is almost impossible – and took some time to ponder the question. There actually are things that I will miss.  They don’t outnumber the things that I won’t miss, but some things have been kind of nice, or at least, new and unique.  Here they are, in order:

1. Baby kicks.  Although he has been concentrating a lot on my lower right rib cage with increasing strength that often makes me yelp with shock, I love feeling Sugar Lump’s little kicks and movements.  Its reassuring to know that he is strong, healthy, and still alive.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I feel “phantom” kicks after he is out of my womb.

2. People are nicer to me.  I guess I have an intimidating face.  My basketball tummy seems to make people smile, and random strangers want to talk to me.  Since I work from home and none of my friends are pregnant (which means most of them have disappeared) I appreciate anyone who wants to talk to me, about anything at all.

3. My luxurious mane.  On my head!  I am told that my hair will start falling out and then growing back again after Sugar Lump arrives, but for now I have the thickest, shiniest locks ever.  Even my husband, who isn’t terribly observant, has been commenting that I look like a Pantene cover girl.  Well, at least, my head does.

4. Eating.  I’ve always been a grazer, but I usually kept strict grazing guidelines for myself: graze like a gazelle – only nibble on veggies and leafy greens, if you eat a carb you have to run for 15 minutes, etc.  Now I have doctor-approved permission to peek in my fridge every 15 minutes.

5. Alone time.  Being pregnant has been the loneliest, most isolating experience of my life, but I am assured by other mothers that I’ll long for the time I have spent by myself once Sugar Lump makes his crying, peeing, pooping debut into our family. I certainly don’t treasure the amount of alone time I have had so far, but I am going to take their word for it.


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