Dealing with Fibromyalgia in the Third Trimester

Fibromyalgia settles on a pregnant body like gloom over Seattle


The onset of the Seattle Snowpocalypse of 2012 has brought ice, chaos, and the vicious return of my fibromyalgia, from which I had been enjoying a second trimester break.  Although I experienced problems with the pain in my first trimester, they are nothing compared with what is happening to me these days – total body aches with especially painful areas in my neck, thighs,, near my knees, and of course a foggy fibro-brain.  Since I quit the medication I was taking for fibro a month before Sugar Lump was conceived I have been trying to be extra vigilent about pain management through exercise and stretching.  All I want right now is a long massage and some quality time with a hot tub.

For other matrons out there who are pregnant and also deal with fibromyalgia pain, staying fit, rested, and stress-free are just about the only things that you can do to manage the pain.  As long as you are cleared by your doctor, get out of the house, breath the fresh air, and take walks as soon as the pain starts (I know that is the last thing you feel like doing when the aches begin, but it really works).  Also, don’t forget to give yourself and break during the day and be kind to yourself.  On days when even your skin feels achy, remember to take a step back and set your priorities straight – taking care of yourself and your little one first.  Take a warm bath, drink some tea, listen to quiet music and allow yourself to heal.


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