My Chocolate Baby Blues

Well, I am 24 weeks pregnant now, which means I have 15 more fat, uncomfortable, angry weeks to go. To make sure that number was correct I checked my calendar twice today. My gestational diabetes test is in three days and I have a sinking feeling that I am not going to pass. The thought of being taken completely off sugar made me cranky, so to console myself I snarfed up a little mesh bag of those chocolate gold candy coins that my mother always gives me for christmas. Then I felt guilty, so I made a salad for lunch. Afterward, as a reward for being so healthy, I decided to treat myself to a bag of Lindt hazelnut chocolates.

I am most definitely going to fail that test.

Up until a few days ago I was feeling fine and confident about pregnancy, but that feeling was based on the fact that we do not currently have a full-length mirror in our house. The place simply doesn’t have enough wall space to facilitate such a large mirror, and so I can glimpse my body in small sections from other various mirrors and then assemble the puzzle pieces together mentally – and in my mind, I looked great! That was until I caught my entire reflection in the bathroom of a chinese restaurant, after eating 15 soup dumplings and an entire plate of noodles. Now I am starting to look like one giant soup dumpling in ill-fitting clothes.


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