Bionic Nose – The Best Pregnancy Symptom Ever

I’m 6 weeks pregnant, and by far, the best pregnancy symptom ever is having a bionic nose…or so I thought. Up until yesterday, my sniffer had been reveling in the rich scent of my rosemary bush outside the kitchen window, hanging flower pots along main street in our town, of freshly made waffle cones (which quickly went from being smelled to consumed), and the smell of green things growing in my mom’s garden.

Then, while I was sitting on their front porch, breathing deeply of the warm, softly scented summer breeze, I encountered my parents’ dog, who shall henceforth be known as Halitosis Dog, and his breath of death. He sat there, respirating heavily in the sunshine, reeking of dog dander and a few other unsavory things that are not polite to discuss. It’s still better than morning sickness, but I am thanking my lucky stars that I don’t have a dog of my own right now!


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