Chai-Tea Sugar Cookies!

Chai Tea Sugar Cookies

This matron aint no baker, but I when I made chai-tea sugar cookies from Teeny Cakes’ blog, I discovered a way to trick everyone into thinking I am competent with my shiny red Kitchen Aid mixer.  These cookies are light and fluffy in texture, rich in taste, and ever so slightly crunchy on the outside.  The only way I modified the recipe was my doubling the amount of chai spice I added to the batter, and adding 1/4 less sugar.

Chai tea - David Rio
Powdered Chai Tea from David Rio

I used this powdered chai spice tea from David Rio.  The perfect desert after the aloo gobi we had for dinner!


One thought on “Chai-Tea Sugar Cookies!

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and sending me a msg re the chai sugar cookies. What a great idea using this powdered chai tea…I’m definitely going to look for it!

    Have a wonderful weekend! I may just whip up a batch of these cookies this weekend too. 🙂

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